Magnetising a Contemptor Dreadnought (every option)

12th July 202340k, Build, Horus Heresy, Space Marines

A detailed video guide on magnetising a Contemptor Dreadnought from Forgeworld (resin kit) with all the options including the arms, missile launcher, head, fist, fist gun and fist gun power unit. While this how to video is for the old out-of-production resin Contemptor, I hope you’ll still find it of interest as it demonstrates what you can achieve when magnetising your kits. It will still be useful for anyone using the full resin kits which Forgeworld still sell, or for using the Legion/Chapter specific Contemptor bodies. 

This guide may still be useful for when magnetising a Contemptor Dreadnought kit that’s the newer plastic version, just be aware that the magnetising points will likely be different. Some third party companies sell additional elbow blocks and shouder blocks to to magnetise them using the method I show off.

These models are for my Space Marine Minotaur force and use the old Forgeworld Contemptor kit, I’ve modified one using the Minotaurs Etched Brass kit (also an out-of-production Forgeworld kit).

It’s worth noting that this kit is probably overly-magnetised. While I enjoy the added posability, I probably wouldn’t magnetise the head or the fist power-packs (these are easy to knock off mid-game) and just sticking with one would help minimise the amount of options you have to paint.

Time codes for the video:
00:00: Intro
01:43: Missile Launcher
02:23: Head
03:05: Gun Arms
04:32: Close Combat Arm and Fist Weapon
07:40: Chainfist
08:39: Hot Swapping Weapons
09:17: Second Contemptor Overview
11:12: Outro & Credits

And as a little bonus, if you’re curious as to how the finished models look, here they are over on my Instagram. You can find WIP painting photos of these kits in my feed along with photos of current projects that i’m working on.


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