Turret Conversion Kit: Installation Guide

22nd May 202340k, Build, Instructions

A comprehensive video showing you how to install the Turret Conversion Kit with the standard (battlecannon) Leman Russ Turret. This will allow you to use the turret weapons from my store or the Forgeworld turret weapons without the need for a Mars-alpha Leman Russ Turret from Forgeworld. Below the video is a quick image guide.

Time codes below for the video:
00:0001:09: Intro
01:0903:09: Equipment Used
03:0904:06: Turret Kit Overview
04:0611:45: Cutting the turret
11:4514:15: Test Fitting the Turret
14:1516:25: Gluing the Turret
16:2517:47: Removing the Turret Floor
17:4719:58: Gap Filling
19:5821:35: Magnetising
21:3523:55: Adding The Shroud
23:55-27:45: Forgeworld Weapons
27:4529:05: Outro & Credits


For those that prefer text and images, a quick guide is given below, though this isn’t as in-depth as the video guide above.

Turret Conversion Kit instructions: Part 1
  1. Remove the plastic mounting for the turret weapon from the bottom of the turret, it’s important that this is flush so sand down if needed.
  2. Cut into the turret top as show, aligning your blade so these inner-side pieces are cut in half. Keep your cut as vertical as possible until your blade reaches the inside roof of the turret.
  3. The cut should roughly be in alignment with the periscope and shouldn’t go beyond it.
  4. Line up the blade with the bottom of the scope and remove the excess plastic which you’ve just cut.
Turret Conversion Kit instructions: Part 2
  1. Line up your blade with the scope and cut to remove the rest of the excess plastic creating a clean 90 degree angle.
  2. Clean up the side cut with a file or sanding paper, you want this as vertical as possible.
  3. Repeat the process on the other side.
  4. Test fit with the new gun mount and both the top and bottom pieces of the turret, it’s recommended you test with your gun of choice here, for Forgeworld weapons you might need to widen the area with further sanding. Once you are happy glue the weapon mount to the top of the turret, then glue the bottom turret piece in the place.
Turret Conversion Kit instructions: Part 3
  1. Line up your blade with the inside of the turret to cut into the bottom of the turret on both sides.
  2. Use a blade to score along the bottom of the turret, keep this in alignment with the resin weapon mount. Keep doing this until you’ve cut all the way through.
  3. Remove the plastic piece, clean up where needed and fill any gaps.
  4. Add the shroud and turret weapon of your choice. The shroud can be glued in or simply affixed using putty such as Blu Tack so it can be easily removed. The gun can be glued or magnetised in place.


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