Mordheim Campaign Map

22nd April 2021Mordheim

A little gift to the community, the Mordheim Campaign Map. This was something I created in collaboration with Tuomas Pirinen (the original Mordheim creator),  Daniel Särnblom, Roland Wenskus, Giuseppe Chiafele and Maxine Howells. The original Mordheim map was illustrated by Nuala Kennedy. This is based on a French campaign map by Chrismish in 2010. It is a fan-made project and is not an official work of Games Workshop.

The map was first posted by Tuomas over on the Mordheim Facebook Group. However, I’ve had several requests from people who don’t have Facebook, so thought I  would also host it here. I’ve also created an A2 print resolution version of the map for those wishing to print it out. See the links below.

The Mordheim Campaign Map - Small

Playing the Campaign

The map is a standalone piece and includes all its own campaign rules and should be used in conjunction with the Mordheim rulebook. It does however support the latest developments for the game, by including Luthor and Gaoler Hired Swords.

The campaign system is flexible to be used as you see fit, you will need to set your own Campaign Win Conditions and we encourage you to change anything else you see fit, such as the recommended scenarios.

Warband Tokens

While this is intended as a standalone piece, the feedback from the community has been fantastic so I’ve created an extra gaming aid, printable tokens for use with the map to represent players Warbands.

The tokens are used to show which districts warbands have explored or have a Foothold in (i.e won a battle).

I’ve taken recognisable elements from the  original artwork to represent each warband.

Update 22/12/2021

The map has now been translated into French, Italian and Spanish. To aid gaming I’ve also created a printable sets of tokens to represent everyones warbands.

Special thanks to the following for leading the translations: Benoît Dumeaux (French), Giuseppe Chiafele (Italian), and Hernan Garcia (Spanish)

Update 30/08/2022

Inspired by this project, Christiaan Gerritsen has created the Alibon for Mordheim map.

Update 02/11/2023

Added German map, special thanks to Dennis Biegel for translations. Added Ukranian map with special thanks to Alexander Bai (translation), Kateryna Ruban (editing), and Olena Panova (layout). Text amends to French and Spanish maps along with adding correct Italicisation to the English map.

Image showing the Mordheim map with tokens placed on Districts

In this example four warbands are taking part in a campaign, all starting at the South Gate. The Sisters of Sigmar are represented by the hammer, The Cult of the Possessed by the X mark, The Witch Hunters by the pistol and the Skaven by the rat. In their first game the Sisters of Sigmar battle against The Cult of the Possessed at the South Gate, the Cult win the game and gain a Foothold token. Meanwhile, the Sisters gain an exploration token for having taken part but not winning the battle.

The second game is played in the same district by the Witch Hunters and the Skaven, with the Skaven winning and gaining the foothold token and the Witch Hunters the Exploration token.

Each warband can then go on to play further games in all the adjacent districts, or fight again over the same district.

Mordheim Map with Tokens placed alongside District name

To make it clear at a glance who has the benefits of each district, when a warband wins a battle they could place their Foothold token next to the district name in the key in addition to placing it on the map. Remember that for most districts multiple warbands can gain the benefit of that district at the same time, with the exception of Hard Fought Districts.


  1. Chris

    This is fantastic! Have any of the Mordheim materials been translated into Japanese? I was thinking of running a few games here in Tokyo and seeing if I could generate some interest among Japanese war gaming fans. The maps will go a long way to helping me building terrain and campaigns! Thanks!!!!

    • Philip

      Hi there,
      I’ll drop you an email to arrange this.

  2. andrea

    Very well done!
    Great details.

  3. Rubén

    This is absolutely awesome!! Thank you so much.

  4. Jeff

    Hi. You wouldn’t happen to have an editable version available so we can add house rules?

    • Philip

      If you can drop me an email to chat about this more that would be great. You can reach me via the Contact page.

  5. Jace

    Hey there! I’m starting a Mordhiem warband soon and I’d really like to get this blown up nice and big, like movie poster sized, to have on an easel during our campaign. Is it possible to get a very high DPI/resolution version, or will the A4 print size be adequate?

    • Philip

      Hi there, there’s two versions of the map. If you download the A2 size, that’s pretty large, and suitable for printing out into a large poster format.

  6. Dennis W

    Hey would love to help create a german version. Map will look good in reikspiel

    • Philip

      That would be great. I’ll drop you an email now.

  7. Moska

    Hi. I would like to translate it into Spanish.

    • Philip

      That would be great. I’ll drop you an email to discuss.

  8. Jon-paul Blinston

    Looks great!!!


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