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22nd April 2021Articles, Mordheim

A little gift to the community, the Mordheim Campaign Map. This was something I created in collaboration with Tuomas Pirinen (the original Mordheim creator),  Daniel Särnblom, Roland Wenskus, Giuseppe Chiafele and Maxine Howells. The original Mordheim map was illustrated by Nuala Kennedy. This is based on a French campaign map by Chrismish in 2010. It is a fan-made project and is not an official work of Games Workshop.

The map was first posted by Tuomas over on the Mordheim Facebook Group. However, I’ve had several requests from people who don’t have Facebook, so thought I  would also host it here. I’ve also created an A2 print resolution version of the map for those wishing to print it out. See the links below.

The Mordheim Campaign Map - Small

Playing the Campaign

The map is a standalone piece and includes all its own campaign rules and should be used in conjunction with the Mordheim rulebook. It does however support the latest developments for the game, by including Luthor and Gaoler Hired Swords.

Coming Soon

Mordheim Map Tokens.

While this is intended as a standalone piece, the feedback from the community has been fantastic and there are plans in the works for both French and Italian translations of the map.

I’m also working on some printable tokens based on the rulebook’s original artwork to represent your warbands as they explore the map. This page will be updated as and when those items are completed.

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  1. Jon-paul Blinston

    Looks great!!!


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