Channel update: Internal Sponsons Project + Subscriber Giveaway

18th July 201840k, Blood Bowl, Halflings, Krieg, News, Videos

An update on my progress with the Leman Russ Internal Sponsons Project, along with an overview of where I’d like the channel to go, I’d really love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see. Plus a prize giveaway of 3 sets of Internal Sponsons, the Forgeworld’s Joseph Bugman Star Player, Dwarf Dice and this months White Dwarf. To enter please make sure to comment on the YouTube comments, not on this page. Competition closes Sunday 22nd July 2018. Winners will be announced the following day.

For extra chances to win head over to Instagram and Facebook and keep an eye out for the relevant post.

Also please check out the new Look Out, Sir! 40k podcast.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in the Sponsons Project, they’re now available to buy.

SN Battle Reports/No Retreat: https://snbattlereports.com/


  1. Steve Pearce

    Great job you clever bugger!

  2. Greg

    Looks great would a small Imperial Eagle detail under the vision port be a good refinement?

    • Philip

      Definitely a nice idea but I don’t want to add any GW icons as they’re copyrighted. So I’ll leave those touches for the modeller.

  3. Chris

    I’ve always hated the standard leman russ sponsons, these definitely fix that.


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