Build & Paint a Marauder Bomber. Part 1: Unboxing

13th March 201940k, Videos

The first in a new build & paint series for Forgeworld’s Marauder Bomber. I thought i’d start off with an unboxing video as it’s not a kit widely seen on the internet. There’s also a ton of interior cockpit detail, which won’t be seen once it’s complete. Also, I’ll show you how to build a custom flyer base and covert it into a Marauder Destroyer.

Overall I’m really impressed with the kit. The casting is fantastic with only 1 notable mould slip, but this can easily be fixed. They also sent me one incorrect part, which was the middle gunner frame. However FW quickly sent out a replacement. I highly recommend this kit, it’s a stunning model.

This is the first commission project I’ve done too, so if you’re interested in a commission from me just get in touch.


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