Internal Sponson Covers: Installation Guide

3rd February 202140k, Build, Instructions, Krieg, Videos

An installation video for the Internal Sponsons Covers kit available from the store. In this video I show off all the different cover designs and how to assemble the kit, which is compatible with my Internal Sponson Conversion Kit (sold separately).

There are four covers in total. Vent, Armoured Vent, Panel and Hatch. Each kit comes with two identical covers and two mounting pegs.

Use the time codes below to jump ahead:
00:00 Intro
1:00 Kit Overview and demo
3:45 INSTALLATION – What you’ll need
5:03 INSTALLATION – Preparing the kit
6:49 INSTALLATION – Assembling the covers
12:50 INSTALLATION – Securing your covers to the tank
17:33 Troubleshooting
22:18 Final demo


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