Build & Paint a Gorgon Transport. Part 6: Painting the interior corridor

4th July 201840k, Build, Krieg, Paint, Videos

In part 6 I show you how I painted the interior rear corridor. Covering how to paint hazard stripes, use chipping effect fluid, rust weathering powders, and wet effect paint.


  1. Ian

    Hello. I had no to her to reach you so I am posting here.Would you possibly know any way I can obtain a Gorgon Transport myself? I have been looking and have found nothing. I would really appreciate some help on locating one and adding them to my army as well. I would again really appreciate any info you can provide. I am at a loss with this model. Thank you and have a gorgeous day.

    • Philip

      Hi there, the best thing I can suggest is to wait until Forgeworld re-release it. From what I’ve heard the mould needs fixing and once it’s repaired it will go back on sale, though there’s no clue as to when this would be.


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