Blood Bowl seminar round-up from Warhammer Fest 2017

31st May 2017Articles, Blood Bowl, News

I was at Sunday’s Blood Bowl seminar at Warhammer Fest and wanted to share the information presented regarding the future of Blood Bowl, covering some exciting tidbits regarding plans and future releases.

The Seminar was run by James Hewitt and Andy Hoare (the dynamic duo behind Blood Bowl 2016). A lot of what they said isn’t set in stone as it is still in planning, but it’s a list of what the team would like to happen.

  • Release schedule will hopefully be 1 team in plastic every 4 months. This should give 4 years to produce all the current teams before they look at making new ones.
  • Made to order old teams won’t be done if the original mould is damaged or if it clashes with a current plastic team or one coming out in the next 4-6 months. There should be a few more Made to order teams on the way, Halflings was mentioned as a possible.
  • Deathzone 3 should come out in Q1 or Q2 of 2018 and feature all chaos and undead teams and rules for wizards. (Although none of this is set in stone).
  • Card pitches will be done for each race, the goblin pitch is currently being designed.
  • Neoprene pitches will be done for a famous team, one for each race.
  • It sounded like each race is going to get a famous team upgrade in resin similar to the Bright Crusaders.
  • Chaos will hopefully have resin mutation upgrades.

They also showed off a bunch of extra stuff that’s already on the Warhammer community site:

  • Human positionals, 1 catcher, 1 thrower and 2 blitzers.
  • Elf union team in the works.
  • Underworld game tokens, these will be sold on there own as the team is built from the plastic teams already available.
  • New minotaur model has been designed.


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