Tyrant Cannon

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Resin turret weapon kit with small battle cannon and options for a single or double barrelled coaxial gun.

Similar in style to Forgeworld’s Conqueror Cannon and inspired by the Panzer IV Ausf F1. This kit is compatible with Forgeworld’s Mars-Alpha Leman Russ Turret (shown only for example) and other 28-32mm tabletop miniature tanks. A customer has kindly put together a conversion guide for the GW Leman Russ/Demolisher turret. Additional details at bottom.

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Small battle cannon with coaxial gun. Suitable for Forgeworld’s Mars-Alpha Leman Russ Battle Tank turret in 40k and other scale model tanks with a little work. As such, if playing Warhammer 40k this could be used to represent: The Forgeworld Conqueror Cannon, a Leman Russ Battle Cannon with pintle mount, or the Relic Battle Cannon with pintle mount.

3 part resin kit with single and double barrelled options for the coaxial gun.

Conversion guide for GW’s plastic Leman Russ/Demolisher turret.

Resin kits should be washed in warm soapy water before use. Resin components may vary in colour. Pressure cast for improved quality. Designed and sculpted by Philip Spence, hand cast in the UK.

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Weight 4 g
Dimensions 4.3 × 1.2 × 1.1 cm
Number of parts



Polyurethane Resin

5 reviews for Tyrant Cannon

  1. Jesper Wikström (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I love how my Leman Russes now look more realistic.
    I recommend this product!

  2. Tom Burke (verified owner)

    Excellent looking conqueror turret, a bit of a mission to put in a standard Leman Russ turret but the outcome looks amazing, everyone should equip their tanks with these!

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Oh, what a game changer! If you are not a fan of the early 2000s ForgeWorld aesthetics, the Tyrant Cannon is your bombard of coice. Slim with credible and realistic proportions, it lends your guys the extra grain of style. Especially recommend for the DKoK or Steel Legion!
    I actually owned two classical FW conqueror turrets and don’t field them anymore.

    The resin itself is clear and smooth, my pieces had no flash or mold lines. 10/10 would build more Tyrants again!

  4. Wilkie Cort (verified owner)

    Just received the guns today. The postage was swift, well packed and with a personalised note. Little things like that make it a real joy to follow these guys 😀

    The casting quality is great aswell. I can’t wait to use these cannons on my Death Korps Mars Alphas 😀

  5. LonghunterCO

    The Beyond the Tabletop Tyrant Cannon is a quality casting devoid of any flaws or flashing. His design, although unique to him, pays homage to the original FW/GW lines and as such, it visually blends in perfectly with the GW Punisher Leman Russ kit. Incorporating his cannon is a relativity minor conversion and can be successfully completed by anyone comfortable with the use of a hobby knife and who possess a medium level of hobby skill.
    Paired with his Internal Side Sponson Conversion Kit, you can easily turn a run of the mill Leman Russ kit into a unique fighting vehicle that stands out on the table and that any Imperial Guard General would be proud to command. -LonghunterCO

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