Mission Fabricator Cogitator – MFC.v0.4

24th November 202140k, Play

Planet Xanthis-4: PENAL WORLD

MAP: Dawn of War

Mission: Rush

With limited time and resources, both armies must push forwards to secure the area, no matter what the cost.

The players roll off; starting with the winner, each player alternates placing objective markers until six have been set up. Each objective marker must be more than 6" away from the edge of the battlefield and more than 12" away from other objective markers.

Progressive Objective:

At the end of each players turn, players score 1 victory points for each objective marker they control, this cannot be scored during the first battle round. At the end of each battle round, players score 1 victory point if more enemy units than friendly units were destroyed this battle round.

    Environmental Hazard: Acceptable Weather

    While far from perfect weather, it does fall within standard battle optimisation parameters.

    There are no special Environmental Hazard rules.


    Should both players decide, you can use these optional rules to add more interesting narrative elements to your game. Each player will be given an army bonus or hindrance, this is to represent how well trained, equipped and supplied each army is before the battle. These provide very asymmetrical gameplay and are not intended to produce a balanced game. Both players may read through the generated rules before the Determine Attacker and Defender step of the game, giving the person who decides to be Attacker or Defender an extra decision to make. Alternatively, players are welcome to switch Combat Readiness abilities should it be more fitting for the narrative of their game.



    Combat Readiness: Fatigued

    Weeks of bitter fighting with no sign of breakthrough has left your armies morale deteriorate.

    Reduce all your units Leadership by 1.


    Combat Readiness: Area Denial

    Close quarter countermeasures protect your infantry from orbital assaults.

    After deployment but before the game begins, place 3 markers in your territory, your opponent cannot arrive from reserve within 9" of these markers. At the start of each battle round after the first, roll a D6 for each marker, on a 6+ that marker is removed.

    How to use

    The MFC expands upon the Open War/Crusade gameplay for Warhammer 40k. Allowing you to randomly generate a mission for you to play. Each time the page loads or refreshes you’ll get a new planet, deployment zone, mission, environmental hazard and a set of combat readiness abilities for both the Attacker and Defender. 

    Things to note

    • I would class this as still in beta, and would love feedback to help improve the MFC.
    • Designed for Strike Force sized missions, though could be tweaked for different scales.
    • Not designed to work in conjunction with GT Mission Pack style secondaries for scoring, though some missions will certainly be compatible.
    • Some mission have random objective placments, you might not always get a favourable combination of deployment zone and objective placement.
    • There’s no way to currently save your randomly generated mission.
    • This project is created by myself and is unofficial fan work.

    Future Plans

    In addition to adding more missions. I’d like to add three extra randomly generated elements:

    1. Warzones, which give you a suggested  terrain / theme for the table.
    2. Battle Readiness, which are bonus rules for each army, these might be specific to Attacker/Defender for more asymmetrical missions. DONE
    3. Secondaries, like the classic first blood and slay the warlord.

    Currently the planets are all bespoke, there’s around 12 so far. I might look at how to randomly generate the planet images too for  infinite combinations.

    Other ideas include faction specific missions, First Strike/Onslaught missions, ways to customise/save settings, and campaign features.


    I would love to know what you think, whether it’s feedback on the missions and special rules, or what direction you’d like to see going forwards, i.e more planet stats/narrative background or more mission and gameplay elements.

    Please leave all feedback in the comments below.


    v0.4 15/08/2022

    • Updated CSS to fix layout issues caused by WordPress Updates.
    • 3 new Environmental Hazards: Null Zone, Radioactive Objectives and Fog of War.
    • Added Combat Rediness as a new mechnanic including 23 options for both the Attacker and Defender.

    v0.3 13/01/2022

    • Adjusted victory points to Clandestine Operations mission.
    • 3 new deployment zone layouts: Front-line Assault, Divided Lines, and Forward Rush.
    • 2 new objective layouts.
    • 1 new mission: Black Mass.

    v0.2 21/12/2021

    • Updated all planet graphics to new style

    v0.1 24/11/2021

    • Launch

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