Planet Ekonomous: Shrine World

MAP: Hammer and Anvil

Mission: Arial Drop

Urgent supplies have been dropped to your location, secure them at all costs before the enemy can claim them.

At the start of the first battle round, number each objective 1 to 6.

At the start of each battle round, select an objective which is not active (by default all objectives are not active). Both players then roll off, the winner must move the objective 6" in any direction, objectives cannot be moved within 6" of another objective, within 6" of a table edge, or placed on or within terrain. Repeat this until each non-active objective has been moved.

At the end of each battle round, the player who went first rolls 1D6, this determines which objective has landed, this objective is now active and should be marked to represent this. If the result is an objective which is already active, roll again until a non-active objective has been determined.

Progressive Objective

At the end of each battle round after the active objective has been determined players score 1 victory point for each active objective marker they control.

Environmental Hazard: Rad-blasted Waste

Either through the natural environment, catastrophic industrial failure, or weapons of war, this area is saturated with toxic radiation.

Subtract 1 from the Toughness characteristic of all models. Vehicles and ADEPTUS MECHANICUS units are not affected by this rule.