Internal Sponsons Conversion Kit. Installation Guide

19th December 201840k, Build, Instructions, Krieg, Videos

Video guide for the Internal Sponson Conversion Kit, which will replace the Leman Russ Sponsons with Internal Sponsons. It will also work with other 28-32mm scale tanks with a little work.

In the video below I do an in-depth review of all the kit components, walk you through how to clean up all the parts and a step by step guide on how to install the Internal Sponson Conversion Kit into the Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Please note that v2 of the kit has improved frames which are a studier and have less cleanup required than those shown in the video.


  1. Cam

    This is amazing! Once I’ve got some spare $ I’m very keen to get some, and some of your other tank accessories. I live in New Zealand, are you guys able to ship here?

    • Philip

      Glad you like it. Yes, I ship worldwide.


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