Converting a Leman Russ: Adding internal sponsons

17th January 201840k, Build, Krieg

How I’ve scratch built internal sponsons using plasticard for the 40k Leman Russ tank in the style of Forgeworld’s Malcador tank.

UPDATE: If you are interested in buying these, they’re now available to buy. These sponsons are compatible with 28mm scale tanks such as Games Workshop’s Leman Russ kit and Forgeworld’s Mars-Alpha Leman Russ.

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  1. Christopher Skeggs

    Love these and they’re exactly what I am looking for.

  2. David

    These are simple awesome and a wicked touch for the Russ. You’ll have to let me know when they’re available

  3. Colin

    I have an armoured company that needs these. I filled out the survey, interested to see where this leads!

  4. Longhunter

    So these for sale yet? Looks great!

  5. Andrew

    These are great I want a pair or 4

  6. Tox_Of_Oz

    I love the look of these. I filled the survey, if you do produce them I have 4 Forgeworld Mars pattern Russes in my to do pile what will definitely want a set each.


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