Build & Paint an INQ28 Warband. Part 7: Assassins

25th May 202240k, Inquisition

The last part for now in the INQ28 series, covering how I converted up each of my Imperial Assassins for 40k: The Callidus Assassin, the Vindicare Assassin, the Eversor Assassin and the Culexus Assasin.

I’ll come back later and do a showcase video of all the Inquisitor warband minis all painted up.

The Callidus Asssassin gets a flaming skull head.

The Vindicare Assassin gets an new helmet featuring a cyclopean eye, and a scope which feeds directly into his helmet.

The Eversor Assassin has a ruff added, an extra score and his gun is converted to look like an uzi.

The Culexus Assassin has a Tyranid Skull as part of his helmet and extra nodes/antenna added all over his body.

Some links referenced in the episode:

Making a ruff, this is the one I followed: http://greenstuff-gretchin.blogspot.com/2018/04/sculpting-tutorial-ruffs.html

This ruff guide is also good: http://gardensofhecate.blogspot.com/2014/02/li-tutorial-how-to-sculpt-ruff.html

Between the Bolter and Me Eversor Guide: http://www.betweenthebolterandme.com/2015/05/execution-force-eversor-assassin.html


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