Converting a Leman Russ: Adding internal sponsons

17th January 2018 | 40k, Build, Krieg

How I’ve scratch built internal sponsons using plasticard for the 40k Leman Russ tank in the style of Forgeworld’s Malcador tank.

If you are interested in buying these, please fill out the survey. Stay up to date on this project by signing up for weekly updates.


  1. Tox_Of_Oz

    I love the look of these. I filled the survey, if you do produce them I have 4 Forgeworld Mars pattern Russes in my to do pile what will definitely want a set each.

  2. Andrew

    These are great I want a pair or 4

  3. Longhunter

    So these for sale yet? Looks great!

    • Philip

      Not yet. I’ve just done an update video talking about where I’m at.

      • Longhunter

        Would love buying some of your seconds. I need 3 or 4 sets.


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