Ammo belts – Set of 5


Set of 5 Resin ammo belts for 28-32mm scale models.

Simply heat up with hot water or a hair dryer to bend the resin into the desired shape (be careful not to damage your model with excess heat) .  Once cooled, the resin shape will remain unchanged. Keep repeating this process until you are happy. Additionally, you can lightly apply superglue to the back if you wish to permanently fix the shape of the resin in place even when heated.

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Good quality casts with little to no air bubbles in key areas. During COVID-19 all orders will be processed and shipped once a week. Delays should be minimal.

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Resin ammo belts suitable for 28mm-32mm scale models such as infantry or small vehicles.

5 part resin kit containing five identical ammo belts. Each belt is 40mm x 4mm x 2mm.

Resin components may vary in colour. Pressure cast for improved quality. Designed and sculpted by Philip Spence.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 g
Dimensions 40 × 0.4 × 0.2 cm
Number of parts



Polyurethane Resin


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