Planet Lexith-X: Frontier World

MAP: Bitter Defence

Mission: Armoured Offensive

Having been dug in for days, armoured support is sent in to break the deadlock.

Tank Shock: VEHICLE and MONSTER units have the Objective Secured ability. For the purposes of this rule, each VEHICLE or MONSTER unit counts as 5 other models and each TITANIC unit counts as 10 other models.

Progressive Objective

At the end of each battle round, each player scores:

  • One victory point for each objective marker they control within their territory.
  • Two victory points if they control the objective marker in the centre of the battlefield.
  • Two victory points for each objective marker they control in their opponent's territory but outside of their opponent's deployment zone.
  • Three victory points each objective marker they control within their opponent's deployment zone.

If an objective is on the boundary edge of a deployment zone, then it is considered to be in that player's deployment zone. The player with the most victory points at the end of the battle is the winner.

Environmental Hazard: Orbital Wreckage

With a battle ranging overhead in space, debris from destroyed craft comes hurtling down on your position.

At the start of each players turn, that player selects three enemy units. Roll one D6 for each unit, subtracting 1 if the unit is a CHARACTER (excluding VEHICLE and MONSTER units): on a 4, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound; on a 5, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds; on a 6, that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds.